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Can children consent to medical procedures?

Many of you have recently attended our Parents With Questions webinar on whether children can consent to medical procedures, absent their parents. We discussed:

👉 What does the Law say? What is the concept of a 'mature minor' and when does it apply?

👉 The administration of medical procedures in schools, and whether parents must provide their consent first; and

👉 What if a child is administered a medical procedure in the absence of parental consent?

If you missed it, you can re-watch it below:

Here are some follow-up resources which you may be interested in:

  • A template letter which, if applicable to your situation, you might choose to send to your child’s school. Please pay careful attention to the disclaimer on this letter.

Download DOCX • 23KB
  • A memo which gives a detailed historical and legal background on the concept of “informed consent” in Australia.

Memo - Informed Consent 11.10.21
Download PDF • 424KB
  • A letter we sent to the Ministers for Education in Australia which explains the law of consent in relation to children.

Ltr to Ministers for Education 7.12.21[38]
Download PDF • 252KB

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