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Department of Health knew by March 2022 that spike protein enters the nucleus; interferes with DNA

During the Federal Court AVN case, by correspondence dated 8 March 2022 delivered directly to the Secretary of Health through his solicitors, we alerted the Secretary of Health of the Jiang et al 2021 paper (subsequently retracted by the authors under duress) showing SARS-CoV-2 full length Spike protein enters the nucleus of human kidney cells and interferes with DNA damage repair, which full length Spike protein is the same as that produced by the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, the scientific ramifications being that the Spike protein produced by the Pfizer and Moderna products could well do the same, and damage DNA activities in recipients. We also alerted the Secretary to the paper by Alden et al 2022 evidencing the Pfizer mRNA vaccine entering human liver cells and reverse-transcribing with natural DNA, with serious implications for genomic integration with natural DNA, capable of being transmitted to offspring, and capable of causing an array of genetic disease disorders.

Both studies confirmed SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein and Pfizer's modRNA entering the nucleus of human cells, which the TGA continues to maintain to this day cannot happen.

Perhaps more importantly, we also alerted the Secretary of Health to information supplied by Pfizer to the TGA confirming the synthetic Spike protein produced by their product does enter the nucleus of cells, as shown in the TGA's own Nonclinical Evaluation Report. That report by the TGA can be seen at FOI 2389-06, with the synthetic Spike protein observed in the Hoechst slide merges shown on page 35.

The correspondence we sent to Brendan Murphy, Secretary of the Department of Health, is here:

We also sent the Department the expert report of Dr Angela Jeanes (Molecular Biologist). The report (which you can access/download below) set out the above findings clearly for the Secretary and those who advise the Secretary on such matters.

Affidavit and Expert Report of Dr Angela Jeanes, with annexures, signed 15.03.22
Download PDF • 5.73MB

Due to the seriousness of the above findings we urged the Secretary of Health in our 8 March 2022 correspondence to immediately suspend or cancel the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, and the Moderna mRNA vaccine as both companies use almost identical LNP-modRNA platforms.

The Secretary refused to respond to our correspondence, and still allows the Department of Health website to falsely state that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA products do not enter the cell nucleus, nor interfere with human DNA. The above findings (as detailed in the documents reproduced below) show the Secretary of Health, the TGA, and the Department of Health have long known these website statements to be untrue, and in fact serve to mislead the public about what they have and continue to receive into their bodies, clearly without their consent, let alone Informed Consent.

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