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"The Canaries in the human DNA Mine"

A peer reviewed paper by Julian Gillespie

The Canaries in the Human DNA mine FINAL[100]
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It might sound extreme, but the potential for mRNA technology to alter the human genome has been accepted science for 40+ years. This information with respect to the Covid drugs, themselves mRNA products, is being heavily censored. But, it has now been accepted in a peer reviewed journal (the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research) in a detailed article by Julian Gillespie. Public health bureaucrats are doing their best to pretend this information doesn't exist. Help us by spreading this paper around. You can access the paper by downloading it above, or here: Abstract: "Decades of sophisticated and detailed legislation created to safeguard humanity from exposure to genetically modified organisms was ignored or legislated away in an instant when SARS-CoV-2 arrived. It seems this banishment was done with intention and not for the good of humanity. The lipid nanoparticles containing modified RNAs, the so-called “vaccines”, from the beginning fulfilled the legal definitions for being categorized as genetically modified organisms. Pfizer, Moderna, and regulators all knew this. The claims by Pfizer and Moderna repeated by regulators and complicit politicians that modified RNAs do not enter the cell nucleus and reverse transcribe into the human genome were lies constructed knowingly. Over four decades of scientific knowledge marked with Nobel Prizes pointed to modified RNAs integrating into the human genome. The knowledge of retroposition preceded the use of modified RNAs in response to the pandemic, but the WHO and regulatory experts did not inform the global population about these facts. This article retraces the steps in what appears to be a sophisticated deception played out in legal language, technical scientific jargon, and by medical regulatory bodies acting as if they were serving public health".

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