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We advocate for Truth, Justice and Balance.

We are an independent and fearless human rights law firm.

We are advocates for humanity. We are here to take part in the greatest elevation in human consciousness 
for several thousand years.
We can support you on this journey too.

Why 'Maat's Method'?

‘Maat’ is the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) deity of Truth, Justice and Balance. 'Maat's Method' is our company and platform. We are proud to stand in the light and tradition of our ancestors for the benefit of the modern world.

Our Services


Specialist Human Rights Lawyer

Peter Fam, our Principal lawyer, is a specialist in human rights law and civil litigation. He has offers advice, representation, advocacy and consultancy in the following areas:

  • International Human Rights Laws, Covenants and Treaties.

  • Police powers (civil claims against the police).

  • Historical abuse claims against Government and religious institutions.

  • Administrative law (reviews of Government or regulatory decisions).

  • De-registration or threatened de-registration of doctors or other professional staff.

  • Freedom of information and Government transparency.

  • Freedom of speech and expression.

  • Employment law (unfair dismissal, general protections claims and discrimination).

  • Mandatory/coerced medicine.

  • Discrimination law.

  • Privacy law.

  • Whistleblowing/Regulatory laws and complaints.

  • the Public Health Act and Public Health Orders.

Peter is not just a lawyer; but a dedicated Custodian of 'Ma'at' (Truth). He will not compromise on that Truth, nor his values, no matter what. Peter is particularly interested in taking on strategic cases which may help to facilitate the current shift in consciousness humanity is living through.  

Our Values

The truth is the truth. In the fullness of time, it cannot be suppressed or denied. We do our best to speak it, live it and embody it, every day. 

Integrity is everything. If you have it and hold it, thank you. This is the best time in history, right now, to stand firm in our integrity together.

Honour is underrated. We stick to our word. Our beliefs can change, but our principles don’t.

We still love you if we disagree. Healthy disagreement and discomfort are essential in a healthy society.

We are here to serve; ourselves and others. We are grateful to be in a position to do so. Our mission is to help you by reminding you of who we really are. 

We are individualised expressions of a collective universal consciousness. We are powerful beyond measure. We will not bow to those who seek to divide us, to dilute our spirit, or to undermine the collective human good. We love humanity too much for that, and love is the most solid foundation in the universe.

Connect with us

Mailing address: 81-83 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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