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What Is Administrative Law?

There are many areas of life in Australia where the Government, or a Government department, is authorised to make decisions.

Administrative law is the area of law which involves challenging those decisions in a Court or Tribunal. This is sometimes referred to as judicial review or merits review.

What Are the Principles of Administrative Law?

Australia is a very ‘Government-heavy’ society. The Government is involved in almost everything, and a huge proportion of Australians either work directly for the Government, or rely on them for their welfare.

Because we interface with the Government so much, we are often subject to Government decision makers whose decisions have a large impact on our lives.

Administrative law is the area of law that involves challenging decisions make by Government officials when they are either unlawful or unfair. Unlawful Government decisions usually involve a misinterpretation or misapplication of the statute that enables that decision maker to act. This is sometimes referred to as ‘judicial review’. Unfair decisions usually involve a decision maker not properly or fully considering all of the facts relevant to the decision. This is sometimes referred to as ‘merits review’.

Administrative law is a very important area of law because it allows for citizens to appeal and review the decisions that affect them. It is also a technical area of law with a complex legal history in Australia.

At Maat’s Method, as human rights lawyers, we have been involved in some of the most prominent administrative review cases of the past few years, taking Government Departments to the Federal Court as well as the High Court of Australia.

We also run smaller administrative law matters for individuals, including freedom of information applications and appeals of decisions made by Government departments.

If you would like to review or appeal a Government decision, we can help.

Our Lawyers Specialise In Administrative Law

  • Judicial Review applications;
  • Merits Review applications;
  • Reviews of decisions made by Government Departments;
  • Reviews of decisions made by Government Officials/employees;
  • Freedom of information applications and appeals;
  • Appeals of Government decisions.

If a Government department has made a decision which you believe is incorrect, unfair or unlawful, we can help.


“I could not have been more fortunate or more pleased to have Peter Fam take on my case against an ‘establishment bully’. From the outset, Peter’s meticulous “take one careful step at a time” approach, instilled great confidence in me that we had an excellent chance to bring justice to my situation. Peter displayed an amazing ability to explain the nuances of my situation and to sincerely and effectively involve me in the decision along the way. His dedication to humanity, truth and integrity was clear, and undoubtedly had the ‘bully’ on the back foot. Thus, we had a very good outcome. Maat’s Method: Outstanding excellent service!”

Dr Georgina Hale MBBS FRACP PhD

“My experience with Peter Fam was nothing short of special. His approach was unique because he was able to provide a comprehensive understanding of my situation and recommend an action plan. Any lawyer can quote and reference the law, but Peter stood out to me because of his ability to speak in my language and reference the things that mattered to me. His communication was clear and his advice came with no pressure. He understood the importance of different stakeholders and how even a positive legal outcome could have the potential to impact some parties negatively. He had a truly objective approach to my situation and had the grounded energy i needed to redirect my attention to where it was needed most. More than anything, Peter restored my hope in humanity because at a time when i had lost hope in people, he was there to show me that there are still good, honest truthful people in the world that value doing whats right more than doing whats profitable. Thank you Peter”

Ali Mahfouz

“Peter was extremely helpful during a tricky court case and time. He supported me through navigating and settling with an incredible outcome. When dealing with the case, Peter was extremely professional but also sensitive to my emotions and feelings. Peter was very helpful in understanding specific nuances of the law to support my case. Through our interactions and the way he approached the situation, showed his integrity and authentic desire to support people. His work went beyond and above and I highly recommended his services. “


“My experience with Peter at Maat`s Method was a pleasant and positive one. Peter was caring, understanding and of a generous spirit…fulfilling a much needed service…administered with integrity…”

Carolyn Crowe

“Peter at Maat’s Method took on my human rights case against a large government agency and achieved a favorable outcome. Many other lawyers said it couldn’t be done however Peter’s dedication and effort made it happen. Peter is a great listener, honest, responsive and effective. I am exceptionally grateful that he was my lawyer.”

William Cartwright

“Peter helped me in a time of need. He was empathetic, supportive and professional from the first time we connected.

I contacted a number of lawyers who were more worried about payment, didn’t listen to my concerns and were cold and transactional. Peter felt like a friend from the start.

Peter very quickly understood my issue and provided logical advice and direction. He took the weight of the issue off my shoulders and became my voice and advocate – I felt like I could finally breathe in an extremely stressful situation.

Peter helped me achieve justice and I recommend him to everyone who needs legal advice. With Peter you get someone dedicated to your cause, someone who is truly independent and who will fearlessly stand up for justice and truth, no matter how big the opponent may be.

Thank you Peter.”

Nicole Turnbull - Director at Neon Shed

“I had the greatest pleasure and experience having such a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable Human rights lawyer Peter Fam assist me with a very difficult and complex situation.

Peter’s passion to promote awareness knowledge and discussion on matters about Human Rights is extraordinary.

He is compassionate considerate and was very supportive towards my case. He always found the time to communicate about my concerns and I found him extremely helpful,  especially when I had nowhere to turn.

I highly recommend Peter Fam as a Human Rights lawyer, his dedication and resilience are impeccable.”

Georgia Kotsias