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As a human rights lawyer, Peter defends and advocates for 'Ma'at' (Truth), no matter what. That is the sacred duty that law men and women have been upholding for thousands of years. It’s about more than court rooms and books; it’s about defending who and what we actually are.

Our Substack explores law, lore, history, sociology and spirituality. It is Peter’s attempt to grapple with and translate the current transformation we’re all living through; a transformation humanity has experienced before. Peter is an optimist, believing discomfort (and perhaps some trauma) is necessary for change and growth. On a societal level, we’re experiencing that discomfort (and quite a bit of trauma) right now. And we must.

The Great Awakening Podcast

'The Great Awakening' is a podcast where we speak to people who are answering the modern call to become the most authentic version of themselves. These are people who step into their light so that no darkness can penetrate it; people who know that the disruption we see around us, the dying throes of a poisonous imbalance, presents an opportunity like never before to remember exactly who we are.













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